Precision Abrasive Products and Solutions for Manufacturing

Why Nanolap?

At Nanolap, our abrasive products are manufactured to the highest levels of performance and consistency by combining our know-how of abrasive and material technology with precision manufacturing capabilities. Our vertically integrated R&D, manufacturing and conversion operations, allow us to provide innovative surface generation solutions and price competitive products.


Your leading industrial abrasive product and solutions supplier. Shop abrasive films, slurries and compounds.


Abrasives manufactured and produced for lapping, polishing, microfinishing and slurry applications.


From aerospace to woodworking, these abrasives are engineered to perform in demanding industries.

Performance Driven Precision

Nanolap is able to offer it’s customers a broad array of precision, consistent abrasive products for use in lapping, polishing, micro-finishing, fining, sanding, honing, buffing, cleaning, and other surface generation applications. By listening and responding to their customer base, they are able to provide cost-effective tailored solutions for their specific needs.


Nanolap products performs as well or better than it’s larger competitors.


Nanolap manufactures it’s own products and passes the savings to its customers.

Made in the USA

Manufacturing facilities located in Englewood Ohio.

Lapping Film

Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Diamond, Cerium and Silicon Dioxide. Wide Range of Micron Grades and Configurations

Microfinishing Film

Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Diamond. Wide Range of Micron Grades and Configurations.

Anti-Loading Film

Perfect Finish® 36L Platinum Film
High Performance, Long Lasting With Tough, Tear Resistance Film Backing.

Abrasive Slurry

Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Diamond, and Cerium Oxide options.

Abrasive Compound

Our Compounds Provides a Fast Material Removal Rate and a Controlled Surface Finish.


We Provide Custom Solutions for Your Application and Industry.

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