Anti-Loading Film

Nanolap’s Anti-Loading film uses an agent that prevents clogging, dramatically improving performance and longevity.

36L Platinum is Nanolap’s high quality, high performance, and long lasting sanding film manufactured with advanced sandpaper technology. Sharp, heat treated, p-grade aluminum oxide abrasives combined with zinc sterate anti-loading agent are uniformly coated onto a tough, tear resistance film backing.

This product can be used on metals such as steel, aluminum, or alloy, and on composites, wood, solid surface, paint and varnish. Used in industries such as Automotive, Marine, Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Counter Tops, Furniture, Cabinetry, MRO and DIY and more.

36L Platinum Anti-Loading Film outperforms conventional sandpapers and performs equal to or better than premium sandpapers from leading manufacturers at a lower cost.

Features Benefits
Heat Treated Aluminum Oxide Grain Fast Cut Rate Long Life
Uniform Film Backing Better Finish, Tear Resistant and Flexibility
Precision FEPA Grading Better Finish, Reduced Random Scratch Pattern
Advanced Bonding System Excellent Grain Adhesion, No Shedding, Long Product Life
Zinc Sterate Anti-Loading Agent Minimizes Loading, Clogging, Runs Cooler and Lasts Longer

Available in P80 to P2500 and in discs, sheets, and rolls. PSA or Velcro backed product also available.

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